PRESCHOOLERS PROGRAM (Ages 3-4) – Description & Schedule

Our hour and a half, two-day a week preschooler program focuses on engaging the mind and the body during these precious developmental years.

The Preschoolers Program focuses on:


Our facility has 3 large studio spaces.  Each studio is equipped with specialized sprung dance floor, which is easier on the joints.  The TLC Danceworks Preschools program values the importance of moving our bodies.  Every day part of our class routine is to alternate through dancing (Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Acro, Musical Theatre, etc.), group games, musical games, tumbling with mats, obstacle courses, yoga and parachute.


The Preschoolers program is designed to help our youth develop their letter writing skills, counting and memorization through a variety of activities, including; story time, worksheets, learning lyrics and music, and a diversity of other educational materials.


At TLC Danceworks our preschoolers will have the opportunity to explore their imaginations, creativity and curiosity in the classroom through our weekly themed crafts/science experiments.  All flat crafts are put into your child’s portfolio to take home at the end of the session.

PreSchoolers Schedule 2020-2021

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