Program Info

Chestermere Dance Studio Programs Offered:

  • Dance EXAMS
  • Drop-In & Sessional Classes
  • RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) Ballet
  • Adapt Tap & Jazz
  • Acrobatique
  • Musical Theatre
  • Lyrical & Contemporary
  • Hip Hop
  • Pointe
  • Adult Classes
  • Parent & Tot Classes
  • Pre-School Dance Lessons
  • Pre-School Education Program

Tuition starting at just $55/month!

Course Descriptions:


Our Acro program follows the Acrobatique Syllabi, which focus on increasing flexibility and strength through elements of acrobatics and jazz technique. Students will learn elements and techniques seen in shows like Circus du Soleil.

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Our Adult program offers a variety of styles for beginner and experienced dancers alike.  These classes are perfect to improve coordination, strength, flexibility, muscle tone and conditioning.  Have fun, socialize, move and laugh while you improve your fitness!

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Our Ballet program follows the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Graded and Vocational Syllabi. Ballet classes will have emphasis toward poise, technique and musicality. Ballet is the foundation for all dance forms and is highly recommended for all students.

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Our Cheer program combines the elements of dance with cheerleading.  Students will learn drills, jumps and stunts!

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Our Combo Classes are designed to give students a taste of multiple disciplines in one class. Choose from classes like Ballet/Jazz, Ballet/Tap, Acro/Jazz and many more.

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Designed for students who want to learn competitive/performance group routines.

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Get a small sample of a dance class that you’ve been dying to try with the flexibility to match your schedule!

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Our Hip Hop classes fuse old school and new aged choreography in a variety of styles, like popping, locking, break dance and street.

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Our Jazz program follows the ADAPT Syllabi and current street style. Dancers will focus on developing technique, style and flexibility.

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Our Lyrical program focuses on dancers using their bodies to express and emote the lyrics of a song. Dances must be enrolled in Ballet and Jazz to register in Lyrical.

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Our Musical Theatre program brings Broadway to the studio. If your child loves to sing, dance and act this is the class for them.

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Our Parent & Tot program is geared towards creating a fun and secure learning environment. Children will learn elements of dance and creative movement in this parent assisted class.

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Our Pointe program is in collaboration with our Ballet program. Pointe students must be registered in ballet and dance a minimum of 2 hours per week. Pointe class is by invite only and clearance by a Doctor’s note is required.

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Our hour and a half, two-day a week preschooler program focuses on engaging the mind and the body during these precious developmental years.

The Preschoolers Program focuses on:


Our facility has 3 large studio spaces.  Each studio is equipped with specialized sprung dance floor, which is easier on the joints.  The TLC Danceworks Preschools program values the importance of moving our bodies.  Every day part of our class routine is to alternate through dancing (Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Acro, Musical Theatre, etc.), group games, musical games, tumbling with mats, obstacle courses, yoga and parachute.


The Preschoolers program is designed to help our youth develop their letter writing skills, counting and memorization through a variety of activities, including; story time, worksheets, learning lyrics and music, and a diversity of other educational materials.


At TLC Danceworks our preschoolers will have the opportunity to explore their imaginations, creativity and curiosity in the classroom through our weekly themed crafts/science experiments.  All flat crafts are put into your child’s portfolio to take home at the end of the session.

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Our Stretch & Conditioning program is designed to help students increase their flexibility, strength and stamina. All students desiring to be in the competitive and exam programs must be registered in this class.

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Our Tap program follows the ADAPT Syllabi and incorporates rhythms and styles from numerous eras of Tap. Musicality, rhythm and coordination will be the focus in these classes.

Our Tap Enrichment class is designed to teach a variety of tap genres to further enhance a dancer’s skills and technique.  This class will have emphasis on using different props with tap to create more rhythmic sounds like you see in shows such as “Stomp.”

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Our Tiny Dancer Classes are for students aged 3-5. Students will learn the basics in styles such as Ballet, Tap and Acro, in a fun and safe learning environment. We offer classes such as Tiny Ballet, Tiny Tap, Kinder Acro, and Tiny Combo!

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Our Turns/Tricks/Tilts classes is highly recommended for any student wishing to participate in either our Jazz Exam Program and/or our Competitive Jazz and Lyrical programs.  This class is designed to safely enhance and teach all the high level skills and performance “tricks” students see on Instagram, YouTube and other social media.

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